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If you have answered yes to any of the above and wish to tell your story to help raise awareness and would like to be put on a database so we can find out how many people in the U.K. have RSD and you would like some advice then e-mail me on: -



I am 39 years old and single. I got RSD from a very minor injury to my lower back when I stood up and knocked it against the corner of a large table. The injury happened in November 1994 and so I have had RSD for just over 5 years. The RSD has spread from my back to both feet and legs and my right hand and arm. I have contractions of the left knee and ankle and the right hand digits. Due to the contractions being very severe and my nails digging into my hand all 4 fingers have been fixated out with wires and I'm shortly to have the thumb done. At least after the fixations I'll be able to wash my hand properly and cup things with both hands. I have adjusted to writing with my left hand. My legs and feet are very swollen, brown, hypersensitive and quite often I get ulcers on the right calf. I haven't worked since the injury for which a legal case is presently ongoing. I do get irritable, frustrated from not being able to do the things I used to, do not sleep alot but I do count myself lucky in that I rarely suffer from depression. I keep myself busy with the computer writing poetry alot of which has been published, and now starting this web site. I'll always be grateful to a local charity who got me my 1st computer where I was able to find so much information on RSD. My target now is to raise as much awareness of RSD as possible so with your help, your stories I will do my best to achieve this. The more stories I receive the more I can send to the media. My other target is to help anyone I can not to become as disabled as me. Even if I only achieve helping 1 or 2 people I will feel I have accomplished my aim. The more awareness of RSD the sooner the condition can be diagnosed and the better the outcome will be.

The British Medical Association Review has published an article, in which, I am hoping to help doctors and patients gain useful information so that the symptoms of RSD may be better diagnosed.

Read about this by clicking here to see "My life In Your Hands"

 RSD information What is RSD

 RSD - FAQ Facts and Fiction about RSD

The following information (see links below) has kindly been provided by the RSDS-CA co-Founded by Alfie Burns and Diana Riner. They are the longest standing organization in California and took the lead in promoting education of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I have all the videos of every conference they have held and they have provided myself and my consultant with lots of understanding and information. Over the last 3 years I have collected information from every RSD site and can try to provide you with help, understanding and advice. RSD is a multi-symptom condition but the 1 thing we all have in common is the pain even if other symptoms are different. In America they are doing every thing possible to spread awareness of RSD to the media, newspapers and magazines. The sooner RSD patients are  diagnosed the better the long term outcome, and less disability so I feel we need to raise awareness in the U.K. so that doctors and everyone know more about RSD.

RSD Information What is RSD 

RSD - FAQ Facts and Fiction about RSD 

E-mail your stories to me at
I will then send all stories including my own to media, newspapers and magazines.  If you feel things need adding to this site or taking away, let me know your opinion.  WE WILL ALL PUT UP A FIGHT IN THE U.K. TO GET RSD RECOGNISED.

The information on RSD is not to be used without seeing your recommended doctor or Physician. The information I give is not too replace any advice given by your local specialist . You should always seek medical expert advice and continue with you doctors treatment. This web site is only for information purposes perhaps to discuss with your doctor and to raise awareness of rsd as much as we possibly can.

I have been chosen along with 11 other poets for a book Spotlight Poetry containing 10 of my poems. My autobiography talks about RSD and the aim is to sell as many books as possible to raise awareness. It is also hoped the poems I have written will reach out to people in pain and grief and help them to cope with it a little easier.
The book is "Portraits of Passion" and is available from:- SPOTLIGHT POETS, PORTRAITS OF PASSION, REMUS HOUSE, COLTSFOOT DRIVE, WOODSTON, PETERBOROUGH. PE2 9JX. The telephone no:- 01733 898102 or fax:- 01733 313524. The editors are Steve Twelvetree & Kelly Deacon. The purchase price is 6.95. plus 0.50 post & packing. The more books I can sell the more we can raise awareness for RSD.


The lack of public awareness and medical knowledge causes an alarming number of patients with RSD to be misdiagnosed, which then means they suffer needlessly or worse still the RSD develops to a stage where the prognosis for the patient is poor and can sometimes mean they end up severely disabled. SO PLEASE EITHER YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONES SEND ME YOUR STORIES AND ALSO ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ON RSD. I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH ANY INFORMATION I CAN AND MAY ALSO BE ABLE TO ADVICE YOU ON LEGAL MATTERS AS MY OWN CASE COMES TO COURT SHORTLY. SO LETS STAND UNITED AND TOGETHER WE CAN BRING AWARENESS TO THE PUBLIC, MEDIA,





Mrs Barbara Pickard

RSDSA of California (Alfie Burns)

RSDHope Group, International Support group, Keith Orsini, Director

Eric Phillips, International RSD Foundation

Dr. Hooshmand

jessi-ann (froggy)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association of America

Our Chronic Pain Mission 

Please feel free to contact any of the above for further information and support on RSD


  Trudy Lapinskis is in need of HELP.

 "I have just lost a court case related to my claim for compensation for my injury"

I believe that I have been weakly represented in court and that I have been given poor treatment by my solicitors.

I am  trying to get the attention of the Prime Minister in England to take note of my RSD case.

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You can write to me for information regarding signing my petition to support my cause.

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